Example Use of Signers on a Request

In the above call, you'll see an array of "signers" that you can add. In order to add signers correctly into your Request, you'll want to apply the following structure to create the Signer.

  • Include email & mobile number
  • Add the Signer's company name and title
  • Enable or disable email and SMS once the Request is sent
  • Pass in the designated order for signing if signer_order is set to true on the top level of the Request


  "signers": [
      "signer_id": "12346", // => email, mobile number, GUID, etc.
      "signer": {
        "email": "[email protected]",
        "mobile_number": "+13175551234",
        "order": 0,
        "additional_attributes": {
          "first_name": "Jimbo",
          "last_name": "Smith",
          "company_name": "PactSafe",
          "title": "Product Manager"
      "send_to": {
        "email": true,
        "mobile_number": false