Possible URL Parameters to Track

There are lots of URL parameters you can pass to https://pactsafe.io/send.

Want to send your calls to pactsafe.io/send on the back-end? Then you may want to customize the URL parameters that you send so Ironclad Clickwrap tracks the right metadata about your acceptance/transaction. You can use either the short or long parameters.

Here are all the parameters you can use:

Short ParameterLong ParameterDescriptionRecommended
sidsite_idThe Access ID of the Ironclad Clickwrap Site.Yes
etevent_typeThe type of event (e.g.,. Agreed, Disagreed, Visited, Updated, or Sent.Yes
emexecution_methodThe method of execution. For example: click_to_accept, clickthrough, manual_acceptance, esignature.Yes
sigsigner_idThe unique identifier of the Signer.Yes
vidversionThe ID of a Version of a Contract.Yes
cidcontractThe numeric ID of a Contract.Yes
gidgroupThe numeric ID of a Group.If using Groups during acceptance.
gkeygroup_keyThe string key used for identifying a Group.If using Groups during acceptance.
cuscustom_dataAdditional data that gets attached to the activity. The cus parameter should be a JSON obj.Use as necessary
patpage_titleThe title of the page where the Activity occurred.Yes
paupage_urlThe URL of the page where the Activity occurred.Yes
padpage_domainThe domain of the page where the Activity occurred.Yes
pappage_pathThe path of the page where the Activity occurred.Yes
paqpage_queryThe query params associated with the page URL where the Activity occurred.Use as necessary
hnhostnameThe hostname of the website where the Activity occurred.Yes
refreferrerThe referrer of the page visit.Yes
addrremote_addressThe IP address of the user associated with the Activity.Yes
btzbrowser_timezoneThe browser's set timezone associated with the Activity.Yes
blbrowser_localeThe browser's set locale associated with the Activity.Yes
osoperating_systemThe operating system being used associated with the Activity.Yes
envenvironmentWhether the device is Desktop, Table, or Mobile.Yes
scdscreen_color_depthThe color depth retrieved by the browser.Yes
resscreen_resolutionThe resolution of the screen retrieved by the browser.Yes
tstimestampThe timestamp of the Activity. Timestamp is in ISO 8601 format.Yes
rndrender_dataData to be rendered on the contract. The rnd parameter should be a JSON obj.As needed.
dyndynamicWhether the contract could present data dynamically.As needed.
server_sideserver_sideIndicates to Ironclad Clickwrap whether the API call was made server-side.Yes, when sending via a backend service.
slosnapshot_locationThe location key for the Snapshot Location that should be linked to this acceptance.If tracking visual evidence (Snapshots) for acceptance.