Get Acceptance Record Download URL


After your Signer accepts your agreements, you may want to provide them with a link to a copy of the agreement. This can be helpful for allowing the user to immediately review the signed copy or for when your workflow is customized.


To get started, you'll need to have the following:

Retrieving the URL

The most simple way of retrieving the URL is by listening for when the download_url parameter has been set from the JavaScript library.


There are two things to consider when using this method.

  1. This parameter may be set more than once. For example, the parameter may be set once the signer_id has been set on the group. Once acceptance has been sent (you can monitor via the valid event), the URL provided should allow direct access to the completed agreement.
  2. When manually sending acceptance using the JavaScript Library, you may be better off utilizing the .get('download_url') method on the Site object once you know acceptance has been sent.

Example Code

// Within your PactSafe related code, add a listener for the parameter being set
_ps.on('set:download_url', function(downloadUrl, siteContext) {
  console.log('My download URL: ' + downloadUrl);

Full Example Code

var siteId = '790d7014-9806-4acc-8b8a-30c4987f3a95';

// The PactSafe Group key for a published group.
var groupKey = 'example-web-group';

// The element's ID where we want the clickwrap to show.
var clickwrapElementid = 'contracts-container';

// The input field's ID that will be used to pass as the signer id.
var signerIdElementId = 'formEmailAddress';

// Create the PactSafe site.
_ps('create', siteId);

// Optionally, turn on debugging.
_ps.debug = false;

  * Load the PactSafe group with the specific Group Key
  * and any additional options.
_ps('load', groupKey, {
  container_selector: clickwrapElementid,
  display_all: true,
  test_mode: true, // Allows you to clear test data from PactSafe.
  signer_id_selector: signerIdElementId

// As we're developing, we want to know if there's an alert!
_ps.on('error', function(message, event_type, context) {

// The download URL value is the first parameter within the callback
_ps.on('set:download_url', function(downloadUrl, siteContext) {
  console.log('My download URL: ' + downloadUrl);

// Triggered once the contracts have been accepted.
_ps.on('valid', function(params, groupContext) {
  // Enable submit button once contracts have been accepted
  var submitButton = document.getElementById('submitButton');
  if (submitButton) submitButton.disabled = false;

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