Signer Object

A Signer in Ironclad Clickwrap refers to the counterparty accepting the contract. Signer objects in Ironclad are uniquely identified by the signer_id, which can be any string but are most commonly one of the following:

  • Email address
  • User ID
  • Account UUID

Creating a New Signer

Signer objects are automatically created in Ironclad Clickwrap whenever a new signer_id is passed with an acceptance. The new Signer object will contain any custom_data attributes sent with the acceptance.

Default Properties

Ironclad has a few reserved custom_data properties for signer attributes that are recommended and will appear conveniently in certain in-app locations throughout the Ironclad UI. These are indicated below:

  • first_name, last_name OR name (equivalent)
  • company_name
  • title
  • email (important for clickwrap notification acceptance email)
  • mobile_number

Custom Properties

Signer objects can also include any custom property keys you’d like, and you will be able to use them as filters to locate the relevant Signer records.

Updating Existing Signers

Importantly, if you pass an existing signer_id with an acceptance, the existing Signer object will be associated to the record, but by default its attributes will not be overwritten by the new custom_data.

To update existing Signer objects, you can do so at any time by sending an ‘updated’ event to Ironclad. See here for more information.

Counterparty as an Entity

When your counterparty is an entity rather than an individual, it is often best practice to supply a unique account id as the signer_id. This way the Signer is generally applicable to the entire counterparty corporation rather than tied to an individual who might not be with the company forever. In addition, if the counterparty entity ever changes its legal name, you can send an ‘updated’ event to Ironclad and update how the counterparty’s name will appear in the records.

Clickwrap Acceptance Confirmation Email

If an email address is specified on the Signer object (as either the signer_id or in the email field), then this can be used to send an acceptance confirmation email from Ironclad to the counterparty at the time of acceptance. Click here for more information on sending a confirmation email to your counterparty signers.