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PactSafe Request Custom Object

API Name: pactsafe1__PactSafeRequest__c
The primary Salesforce custom object you'll interface with is the PactSafeRequest__c custom object. This custom object will not only store information about the PactSafe Contracts being sent from Salesforce but also be used for relating to your Salesforce objects. For example, a common use case is sending Contracts from an Opportunity object. The PactSafeRequest__c will capture information about the Request, such as the following: status, the opportunity it's related to, and additional metadata that's also stored in PactSafe.

Listed below are fields you'll find on the custom object. Note: some fields are omitted as some may be unused. Please reach out to support for more information if needed.

Field LabelField NameDescription
Accountpactsafe1__Account__cThe Account ID if related to an Account.
Completepactsafe1__Complete__cWhether the PactSafe Request has been completed or not.
Completed Timepactsafe1__CompletedTime__cThe time when of when the Request was completed.
Contactpactsafe1__Contact__cThe Contact ID if related to a Contact.
Created ByCreatedByIdThe Salesforce user who created the PactSafe Request.
Descriptionpactsafe1__Description__cThe description of the PactSafe Request.
Expiredpactsafe1__Expired__cMarked whether the Request has been expired or not.
Opportunitypactsafe1__Opportunity__cThe Opportunity ID if related to an Opportunity.
PactSafe Request Idpactsafe1__PactSafeRequestId__cThe ID of the PactSafe Request, which is auto-generated upon creation from PactSafe.
PactSafe Request NamenameThe name of the PactSafe Request.
Request Linkpactsafe1__Request_Link__cA link to the PactSafe Request in the PactSafe web app.
Sent Timepactsafe1__SentTime__cThe time the PactSafe Request was sent.
Signing Orderpactsafe1__SigningOrder__cIf signing order was turned in or not.
Statuspactsafe1__Status__cUpdated to reflect the current status of the PactSafe request.

PactSafeRequest Visualforce Page

API Name: pactsafe1__PactSafeRequest
This Visualforce page handles loading the PactSafe app into your Salesforce instance.

Note: additional components may be included in the package that may be undocumented intentionally as they may be for other uses.